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A Little About Us


Razzy is a website designed to virtually connect college students to college tutors. Students can receive microtutoring help relating to homework assistance, research papers, general questions, and more. It's simple: upload your assignment and budget, choose a tutor based on their rating and bid price, and message your tutor to ensure that your assignment is completed to your specifications. You do not need to pay until you are completely satisfied with our services, certified by our money-back guarantee. 

Make money doing homework by being a tutor on Razzy. Anyone can sign up to tutor students and earn income completing assignments within your area of expertise. Work at your own pace; take on as many assignments as you can manage. Build your reputation to charge higher premiums for your work.

Razzy cares about protecting our users' privacy and our services' quality standards. That is why all users are anonymous and all assignments are checked for plagiarism to ensure customized assistance.


All services are produced to fit your specific needs and your identity is kept secret. All papers are checked to ensure original work.


Choose a tutor with the experience you require and receive individualized help. Match with tutors who have experience in your university's class.


Students can choose tutors who fit within their budget. Tutors can choose their price for an assignment based on their reputation in the subject.


Students only pay when you are satisfied with our services. Tutors, as independent contractors, may be qualified for waiving their income taxes.